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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20120503


  • Curtis
  • Mike
  • Dani
  • Oleg
  • McQ
  • Eric
  • Paul
  • Bogdan
  • John
  • Ian Skerrett


  • Working on getting builds going. Solaris x86 might not make it for M7.
  • Problem with emacs binding not working in new workspace. Still investigating for M7.
  • CSS is currently in home directory, needs to be somewhere app specific. Looking at a simple solution for 4.2.
  • Windows icon brander cannot handle PNG files. Must fix for 4.2 or we need to pull out large icons
  • Investigating fullscreen support. Not getting an event when exiting fullscreen state
  • Want to fix Quit so it prompts for confirmation on Mac, but also enable an RCP app to have a single place to override the quit behaviour. We have different potential solutions to solve parts of the problem but not all of it.
  • Dangling listeners are being left around on perspective close - will investigate for M7 but not sure if fix will make it today.
  • FYI Curtis is away May 10-21
  • Investigating problem with child handlers conflicting with their parent handers. Related to EMACS keybinding bug - likely defer to RC1.
  • Bug with calling setSelection twice - fixed for next build.
  • We are currently starting up with no active part. We could either try restoring the part that was active on shutdown, or perhaps make editor active part
  • Documentation screen shots not updated for 4.x. Might not have the cycles to do a full refresh.

Discussion of Marketing 4.2

  • We reviewed the draft Eclipse 4.2 landing page. It is in early draft form and we will continue to revise it.
  • Reduce emphasis on known issues -> move to readme
  • Need a copy of the 4.2 porting guide in a linkable location. John to provide something to Ian
  • Ian to start new 4.2 FAQ on wiki. Will start a new wiki page and pull any relevant content from Eclipse4/Eclipse_SDK_4.0_FAQ.
  • Need a list of "top 5 advantages for RCP developers". Brian to come up with an initial list for Ian
  • Could we do a short video showing off 4.x features. Brian volunteered to work on something - needs a list of coolest features to show off.
  • Update readme for 4.2 (John)
  • New and Noteworty (John). Screen shot refresh for new icon.

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