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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20120322


  • Dani
  • John
  • Michael
  • Curtis
  • Brian
  • Paul
  • Oleg
  • Eric
  • Bogdan
  • Remy


  • We are into the final dev milestone for Juno. We have M7 then RC1..4
  • Need to slow our rate of change as we get to the end game
  • Don't try to fix everything or we risk destabilizing
  • Some focus on readme/known issues list so outstanding problems are documented


  • There seems to be a recent key binding regression in dialogs - needs more investigation
    • Possibly Linux only
  • CSS problem: would like to be able to apply a style to parent shell without it affecting child dialogs
  • Brian noticing higher CPU usage in M6 - need to see if we introduced any unnecessary spin
  • Trim dragging released into M6
  • Added menu shortcut for Ubuntu Unity desktop
  • Launcher changes to support JRE sniffing on Mac
  • Using appearance pref page to change CSS will affect any RCP apps you launch
    • Needs to be isolated to current application
    • Not storing CSS customizations in the right place
  • Switching to 4.2 primary build right now
    • The next 4.2 build will be primary - not a delta based on 3.8 build
    • Expect bumps in the road over the next couple of weeks

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