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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20120308


  • Curtis
  • Mike
  • Paul
  • Bogdan
  • Oleg
  • Remy
  • John
  • Brian
  • Dean


  • M6 is next week
  • Monday last day to submit code
  • Tuesday test day


  • Startup performance
    • Looking at model loading and delta resolution
  • Looking at some ugly appearances when using custom themes on Fedora 14
  • CSS editor available as a separate install
  • Currently still have to restart for new themes to take effect (too bad because we are capable of styling on the fly)
  • Unity menu on Ubuntu not working properly. Looking into solutions.
  • Remy working on menu and key binding problems.
  • Working on fixing up the test facade for running tests in Eclipse 4.2.
  • Looking at CSS bugs.. changing CSS selectors that don't match standard CSS behaviour to be prefixed with swt-
    • Will log usage of old selectors to help with migration
  • Looking at a NPE bug when opening with no perspective in an RCP app
  • Looking at debug toolbar hover problem.
  • Action set button ordering fixes to go in immediately after M6

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