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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20120223


  • Brian
  • John
  • Oleg
  • Dean
  • McQ
  • Remy
  • Paul
  • Bogdan
  • Eric
  • Tom
  • Curtis
  • David W


  • Need to figure out how to split stream CTabFolder and friends for 4.2
    • Fork SWT for 3.x vs 4.x
    • if/else blocks throughout the code
    • Two separate widgets
  • Draggable trim at bottom of window now working
  • Next will replace handles with image-based frames so they can be dragged
  • Porting guide entries for all 3.x API that no longer works
  • Deprecated old 3.x API that no longer works
  • Some performance improvements on open/close view.. down to 0.17 seconds
  • UI startup time is still 2x slower than 3.8 but greatly improved
  • Finishing fixes for sending events when persisted state and transient data model state changes
  • Removing editor left/right chevron arrows based on negative feedback
    • We will reconsider approach post Juno
    • Touch dragging might be worth exploring
  • Should we be able to specify on-hover/disabled button states in our model
    • Currently model just includes one icon URI
    • Currently using transient data in model
    • Ideally we should be able to specify via CSS selectors for hover/disabled presentation
  • Fixing problems in customize perspective dialog
  • Looking at a Mylyn bug where trim contributions don't show up
  • Working on action sets - Beware: action sets consume the unwary and cautious alike
    • Currently action sets not honouring CSS settings
  • Helping new developers for cases when dependency injection fails
    • Looking at enabling some tracing to help people track down problems
    • Noticed JFace documentation in Platform Plugin Developer Guide is quite out of date
      • Brian to open a bug in Platform Doc
  • Much of our CSS not following standard CSS web format
    • Should support pixel-level settings
    • Or prefix attributes with "-swt" to make it clear they are not standard attributes
  • Common problem for developers that "inner" eclipse PermGen setting does not appear by default

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