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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20120209


  • Brian
  • Tom
  • David
  • Dean
  • Remy
  • Paul
  • Oleg
  • Eric
  • Bogdan
  • John


  • M6 is API freeze for all existing 3.x API
  • M6 is the milestone that most people will use at EclipseCon


  • Looking at run and track performance problems in compatibility layer
  • Working on putting action sets back the way they were in toolbars and menus
  • Need to do another pass to ensure all legacy action set API is deprecated
  • Oleg looking at particular patterns affecting performance in 4.x
    • Almost all contexts referencing active child and selection which change very frequently
  • Triaging some bugs forward to 4.3 for minor fixes and API work
  • Ramping up Michael and Curtis on Platform UI work
  • Preparing for EclipseCon
  • Adding search/discovery component to e4 build (incubator only)
  • Trying out Eclipse platform 4.x on Ubuntu 11.10 on Gtk 2.2.4 with new SWT Cairo work
    • Looking good but some fixes to be made
    • Working on fade and animation effects on GTK+
  • Looking at accessibility issues on 4.x
    • Some screen reader problems with toolbars being looked at
  • Released customize perspective dialog
    • Looking at some particular problems with toolbars when switching perspectives
  • Performance lag with part stacks closing has been fixed
  • Fixing some problems that come up in CDT
  • Problem with CSS font handling in tables
  • Working on porting guide entries for clients of the 3.x API
  • Looking at changes to CSS handling of padding and margins
  • Working on EclipseCon demo of two different presentations being managed from a remote model with CDO

Discussion Topics

Some cases where toolbar visibility changes are not propagating through to the model. This is specific to menu items and action items. This suggests we are departing from the e4 model where model is primary. Renderer shouldn't be making independent decisions about what is visible that aren't driven by the model.

We need to make sure plugins can customize tab presentation so community can experiment with different approaches. This is the long term goal but currently (for 4.2) the renderer is involved in deciding how to present them.

  • Eclipse 4 / RCP doc on wiki - should we move it into the 4.2 ISV doc?
  • Yes we can do this with Wikitext

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