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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20111201


  • Paul
  • Remy
  • Bogdan
  • Eric
  • Dean
  • John
  • David


  • Intro support is now in the builds
  • Still working on Intro support but some bugs to iron out for M4
  • Working on some bugs related to handling empty menus (bug 319621)
  • NPE during shutdown bug related to LTK bundle (bug 364848)
  • CSS editor in preference page going well
  • Problem with custom trim controls on GTK appears to be long-standing SWT problem. Will follow up with SWT team to see if we can make a fix in SWT. (bug 365042)
  • Fixing some quick access bugs on Linux
  • Need to validate that common bundles are still equal across streams
  • Fixed product/feature version numbers in 4.1.2 and 4.2 streams
  • Someone using SWTBot having problems with event loop control in 4.2.. they are using internals.
    • Should be able to use SWTBot on 4.x with no problems
  • Brian has some changes in a branch for doing activity filtering in menus

Discussion Topics

  • Switching to "full" 4.2 build soon. Entire Eclipse SDK test suite will be running on 4.2. We currently run a large subset but not all tests. For UI workbench tests that are testing workbench internals, they currently don't even compile in 4.x. We need to decide whether we:
    • Widen our test facade that handles different 3.x and 4.x implementations in a single stream
    • Fork the entire tests and have different tests in each stream.

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