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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20111117


  • David
  • Brian
  • John
  • Remy
  • Dean
  • Paul
  • Oleg
  • Bogdan


  • Brian hacked up CSS spy tool. For viewing CSS settings for different parts of the page
    • Can search for widgets by CSS selector
    • Will be added to the e4 tools repository (will be built and available in 0.12-I-builds repository)
  • Working on fixing quick access defects
  • Working on tagging automation in Eclipse 4 and e4 build
  • Some discussion on whether we still need to freeze master during milestone week
    • There are a number of different approaches we can take here - special end-game branch, cherry-pick fixes into integration, etc. We can discuss this when the time comes.
  • Investigating performance of commands and handlers
    • Evaluation service uses active leaf, so all evaluations need recomputing when active leaf changes (change active part)
  • Looking at handling style sheet changes when someone edits the style of the running application
    • Need to store user modifications separately so they can be reverted
  • Seeing problems with breakpoints on GTK (might be bug 223315 returning)
  • Selection problem with git compare acting on old selection. We believe it is fixed but keep an eye out for it.
  • Also seeing problem with Paste acting on editor below a dialog.
  • Strong EclipseCon proposals on Eclipse 4. 21 submissions so far competing for about 10 slots.
  • Will soon begin on writing up detailed description of Eclipse 4 architecture
  • Proposal to change API of Eclipse 4 events to make it simpler to use
    • Dean will send out a note summarizing the changes
  • We are falling behind on Platform UI triage, need to catch up on backlog

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