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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20111103


  • Paul
  • Brian
  • Bogdan
  • Dean
  • Oleg
  • McQ
  • John


  • Need to coordinate EclipseCon talks
    • Tutorial on building applications
  • Best practices on making 4.x-ready plugins
  • Tom has already submitted a tutorial + talk on Eclipse 4 app platform
  • Added code for handling injection of dynamic OSGi services
    • No further work planned in this area
  • Running the full suite of performance tests bug 362718
  • CSS editor went out as a feature in 0.12 I-builds repository
    • Successfully embedding CSS editor in a preference page
  • Need update of PDE plugin templates
    • Make sure they are following 4.x-ready best practices
    • Perhaps demonstrate new things like editors in dialogs
  • Updating RCP documentation on the wiki related to styling

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