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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20111020


  • Brian
  • Eric
  • Bogdan
  • Remy
  • Oleg
  • Dean
  • John
  • McQ


  • Fixing CTabFolder accessibility bugs
  • Getting the CSS editor feature into the build
  • Looking at trying to get Intro working
  • Recorded an Eclipse 4 webinar
  • Looking at last minute fixes to go into M3
  • Working on capabilities support
    • So far this is focused on enabling use of capabilities as it was used in 3.x
    • We can later expand this to using capabilities to filter the workbench model
  • If multiple things have set toBeRendered=false, and one of them wants to switch it, how can it know that it is appropriate to flip the bit?
  • Visible flag means: reparents to an invisible shell, but keep alive
  • To be rendered means: should the renderer convert this model element into widgets or not
  • Working on improving dynamic injection of OSGi services
  • How to resolve lifecycle of service instance - how do we decide when to unget a service that has been injected
    • Keep service until context is disposed
    • Immediately release service
    • Use annotations to indicate whether the object intends to keep using it or only use it once
  • Brian has some bug fixes to put in for M3
  • Pain point for adopters is that equinox.ds doesn't get pulled into your launch configuration and then everything appears to be broken. Nobody directly references DS because it has no API. This is not a problem unique to Eclipse 4.

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