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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20110908


  • Brian
  • David
  • John
  • Dean
  • Remy
  • Bogdan
  • Eric
  • Andrew
  • McQ


  • Working on opening/closing fast views in trim stacks.
  • Fast view not closing when no longer active part
  • Finished up R4.1 maintenance
  • Fixing problems that came up in EPP packages
  • Most Eclipse SDK tests running on 4.x now (high 90's% success rate)
  • Working on getting startup splash screen progress monitor back in place
  • Working on fixing bidirectional language (BIDI) bugs
  • Fixing bugs in Git tagging scripts
  • Brian working on solving problems related to applications with multiple kinds of selections. May open source some of that when tidied up.

Discussion: 4.1.2

  • Do we need a 4.1.2 release?
  • Vastly more consumers for 4.2 so perhaps we should focus on that
  • On the other hand the overhead of maintaining a stream is low if we don't contribute to it
  • Consider keeping stream alive, but keeping fixes to an absolute minimum

Discussion: Model selection problem

  • When selection occurs but the selection is the same as before, we don't fire any selection event at the model level
  • There are use cases where re-selecting the same thing is not a no-op
  • This optimization is happening deep in the model and handlers have no way to react to re-selection if they wanted to
  • Essentially events are driven by state rather than state transitions. If there is a state transition that results in the same end state, the event is squashed
  • Purely state transition events would lead to event storms and loops
  • No conclusion on how to resolve it

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