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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20101216


  • Paul Webster
  • McQ Wilson
  • Remy Suen
  • Oleg Besedin
  • Bogdan Gheorghe
  • Eric Moffatt
  • John Arthorne
  • Tom Schindl


  • 4.1 M4 to be rebuilt to pick up EMF rebuild
  • Some model changes in M4. Paul to write some migration information for early adopters.
  • We had a lengthy discussion on translation of strings in the model. There is a trade-off between the overhead in memory and complexity for clients, versus flexibility. For example supporting a translation coming from a bundle other than the one that contributed the model element requires storing sufficient information in the model to lookup the translation provider. This adds bulk to the model and makes life difficult for clients if they have to provide this information when authoring their model elements. To join in this discussion, please see bug 331010.
  • We had a brief discussion about the proposed WindowBuilder project at Eclipse. This could possibly be used for model editing. It also claims support for XWT.
  • API has been added to CTabFolder to allow reordering of CTabItems. This allows a client to specify the MRU strategy for tabs (such as where tabs appear when they are opened).
  • We have multiple implementations of some of the mixin interfaces in the model. When code is entirely generated this isn't too bad, but when overriding the auto-generated code, we need to eliminate duplication so we don't have to maintain the same code in multiple places. Eric is looking into a solution here.

Next call: January 13th.

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