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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20100729


  • Susan
  • Boris
  • Bogdan
  • Eric
  • Remy
  • McQ
  • John
  • Mylyn doesn't work
    • Eric will work with them to adapt
    • They have no hope of single-sourcing across 3.x and 4.x due to heavy use of internals
    • Might need notion of invisible model extensions to allow them to get their hooks in
    • Wrappers around add-ons or model elements to insert behavioural change
  • Classic look doesn't look quite like the classic look
    • Editor tabs aren't quite right
    • Some extra lines
  • Editor activation history is wrong (closing editor doesn't go to previous active editor)
    • Investigate for M1
  • Need an example app to drive the 20 things development
    • Rover client/server
    • e4 mail demo
    • pure e4 IDE
  • Need to do code reviews once we have decompressed
    • Unwind some of the surgical fixes made in the end-game and make the right fix
    • Get tests running again
  • For ease of programming would be nice to be able to discover what services are available
    • Content assist for the 20 things

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