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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20100722


  • Susan
  • Bogdan
  • Eric
  • Oleg
  • Paul
  • Remy
  • Boris
  • John


  • Patch to fix ctrl+3 so commands have correct context when executed (should be executed in the context user was in at the time they pressed Ctrl+3) (bug 318211)
  • Mail demo fixes (bug 317912, bug 320163)
    • Bugs exposed because of Mail demo's use of multi-instance views
  • Turn "not implemented" logging and other embarrassing messages into tracing (bug 320285, bug 320286)
  • Need to get new Cocoa enhancer into the build (bug 318759
  • New & Noteworthy
  • Patch to fix squashed toolbars on ubuntu
  • Fix to pick up windows 7 style sheet
  • Fixed some min/max bugs, dnd bugs
  • Working on getting trim stack working correctly when using keyboard (Ctrl+3, etc)
  • Leaving empty part sash containers around when empty
  • Working on signing of e4 bundles (bug 320429
  • Working a (hopefully) final editor context menu problem ({[bug|318856}}
  • Fixing an understood problem where outline view can lose track of active editor (bug 320503)
  • Incorporating some final changes to the splash screen
  • Susan writing a "missing features" page



  • RC3 builds:
    • Friday 1130
    • Friday 1900
    • Saturday 1900
    • Sunday 1300 (only if necessary)
  • Additional post-RC3 builds for critical or stop-ship problems
  • Some releng issues that may require builds (signing, p2 repository categories)

Focus for next week:

  • Look for stop ship issues
  • Updating wiki docs, etc

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