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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20091203


  • Bogdan Gheorghe
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Dan Rubel
  • Eric Moffatt
  • John Arthorne
  • McQ
  • Oleg Besedin
  • Paul Webster
  • Remy Suen
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Susan McCourt
  • Tom Schindl
  • Yves Yang


  • XWT status:
    • Working on integration of XWT with workbench
    • Using XWT to produce form-based UIs
    • Extending XWT designer tools to be able to author e4 workbench layouts
    • Also working on PMF project - generating UI from a business model
  • Update from Tom:
    • Presented on e4 in Vienna, and next in Hamburg
    • Lots of interest in the ideas and people are looking forward to a release
  • Style
  • Trying to balance creating a distinctive style while respecting platform themes
  • Want to allow clients to express styling that is consistent with platform themes (some function of platform themes)
  • See E4/CSS/Visual_Design for details
  • Animations also being investigated as a way to modernize the e4 L&F
  • Animation support in HTML 5.0 a potential starting point for investigation
  • Report from Dan on initial experience
    • Could the examples be integrated into welcome or on a web page integrated in the IDE?
    • Initial attempt to install and run examples from scratch is failing - some prerequisites probably missing
    • Could we have some tooling that provides problem markers when required services are missing
  • Improvements to injection
    • How to evolve the 3.x extension points bug 296739
  • We now have approval to use Firebug (low level JavaScript debugger for Firefox)
  • Working full steam on debug support for JavaScript in browsers
  • CSS
    • Refactoring CTabFolder/CTabItem to extract rendering and make it extensible via CSS
  • Working on 3-way merge of EMF models using EMF change recorder bug 295524
    • This is for reconciling user changes with new model changes coming from contributed bundles
    • User changes layout, shuts down, installs new bundles, and restarts. Now we need to reconcile the user's model changes with the contributions from the newly installed bundles
  • Working on compatibility layer again
    • New direction: fork of 3.x workbench code, deleted all internals, reimplement old APIs on e4 workbench
  • Open social gadgets
    • New contributor Lars pitching in
    • In contact with open social IDE people (Eclipse-based tooling for OpenSocial)
  • EclipseCon
    • Tom proposed tutorial on writing RCP apps in e4
    • Start talking about talk ideas on the mailing list

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