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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090924


  • Bogdan
  • Boris
  • Eric
  • John
  • McQ
  • Oleg
  • Paul
  • Silenio
  • Simon


  • I-builds will be starting tonight
  • Builds every Thursday 9pm (see E4/Builds)
  • Eric and Tom have come up with a refactored workbench model and are starting implementation work
    • Model has more use of mixins for flexibility
    • Model structure will continue to evolve as we continue development
  • Tom working on ability to swap out rendering engine
  • Oleg working on pub-sub event bus for e4 - wrapper around event admin
    • Discussion of async/sync send/receive and deadlock risks
    • Need to move toward async send/receive as much as possible
    • Hard to quell event storms with synchronous events
  • Resource merge with 3.6 ongoing
  • Looking at SWT integration with CSS
    • Trying to find right point in widget lifecycle to insert CSS decoration
    • Event at start of event loop to allow CSS to be processed or special asyncExec that runs first
  • JavaScript
    • Some JSDT bundles now in e4 build
    • JS debugging in e4 build
    • JS support can install into 3.6 builds
  • Web views and debugging
    • Need to be able to support debugging of e4 views written in JavaScript
    • Very hard to support debugging in all browsers so we need one browser to focus on initially

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