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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090910


  • Bogdan Gheorghe
  • Boris Bokowski
  • John Arthorne
  • Kevin McGuire
  • Mike Wilson (McQ)
  • Paul Webster
  • Silenio Quarti
  • Simon Kaegi


  • Reviewing CSS engine structure and extension story
  • Figuring out how to do CSS borders properly in SWT
    • Most widget kits don't have native support for widget borders
    • Currently several style bits are set on SWT widget creation, but CSS wants to be able to reskin/change them after widget creation
  • JavaScript tooling in good shape
    • Working JS debugger for JS bundles with breakpoints, etc
    • Talking to WTP team about integration of JSDT in Web Tools with e4 JS debug support
  • e4 builds running
    • Currently on Galileo but will pick up Helios M1 soon
    • Start work on forking org.eclipse.ui.workbench
  • Working on tutorial on adding CSS to 3.5 RCP mail app
    • Shows that e4 CSS work is separate and easy to integrate into 3.x applications
  • e4 resources back-port in progress
    • e4 resources frozen in e4 repository, now lives in branch in platform repository
    • Aim to integrate in early 3.6 M3

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