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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090827


  • Goal: ship e4 SDK in summer 2010
    • Consisting of
      • Everything in 3.6
      • + JSDT
      • + EMF Tools
      • Styled with CSS
      • Running new resources model
    • While getting rid of complex 3.x internals
    • 99% compatibility (best effort given the resources we have)
    • Be able to run 3.x workbench JUnit tests
    • At least one, better some components in the e4 SDK need to be written against only new e4 API
  • Building community is still important
  • How can we make it compelling to adopt e4?
    • Programming model: has to be comprehensive
    • Easier to program
    • Do new things
      • Compare editor with two real embedded editors?
      • New look by graphic designer using CSS
      • Replace use of UI Forms with web UI components
      • Editor toolbar in editor area
      • New "shape" to SDK
      • Same components, different shape for RCP or IDE
  • Compatibility
    • Get rid of fragment
    • Fork?
    • Deprecate presentation API in 4.0 stream?
  • Is the flexible resources work going into 3.6?
    • Szymon to look at
  • How to get components in early to find problems?
    • when is the earliest we think we can put e4 on the release train?
    • staging
      • sanity test by us
      • component owners sniff test
      • component owners full test pass
  • Do we ship two declarative toolkits, XWT and TM?

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