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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090720

We had a quick meeting to discuss work that needs to happen before we ship 0.9. Feel free to add your own items to the list.

Must fix

  • Paste into dialogs (Paul, bug 281107)
  • Debugging has to work (Oleg)
  • External editors (Eric)
  • Embedded browsers (Eric)
  • Manifest editor (Eric)
  • PDE export to host (Boris)
  • Crash when opening an existing 3.x workspace (Boris) bug 284032
  • Fix EMF editor for self-hosting (Boris)
    • Can't create new things (this is a symptom of "IWorkbenchPage.activate doesn't work", see below -Boris)
  • HTML editor hanging bug (Boris)
  • Set focus during activation (Eric/Paul, bug 280698)
  • Activate something else when last editor is closed (Eric/Paul)
  • IWorkbenchPage activate has to work (Eric/Paul)
  • New & Noteworthy (John)

Nice to fix

  • Appearance tweaks (Kevin)
  • Debug perspective (Oleg)
  • Cool model editor (Eric)
  • CSS for ETabFolder margins (Kevin)
  • Switch CSS (Kevin)
    • Restyle on the fly
    • Pick CSS from list

Out of plan

  • Trim (min/max, progress)
  • Main toolbar
  • Ideal activation

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