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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090528


  • Compatibility demo


  • Boris Bokowski
  • Doug Schaefer
  • Eric Moffatt
  • John Arthorne
  • Kai Toedter
  • Kevin McGuire
  • Martin Oberhuber
  • Mike Wilson
  • Oleg Besedin
  • Paul Webster
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Tom Schindl


  • Compatibility demo
    • Focus is to get as much of the basic IDE capabilities working first: checkout, edit, save, compile, debug, checkin
    • CSS style sheet to customize look (so you know it's not the old thing ;)
    • Application.xmi defines the layout
    • Demonstrate adding sash with progress view by hacking the xmi file
    • Demonstrate switching to a different style sheet
    • Working on support to reverse-engineer application model from running legacy applications
  • Status
    • Kai's contact demo available, using latest e4 goodies including CSS gradients
    • Tom to give a talk at Eclipse developer day in Karlsruhe
    • CSS gradient support added
    • Looking at implementing an editor using javascript/Dojo embedded in IDE

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