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E4/Meeting Minutes/Status 20090122

  • Kevin McGuire: some progress on CSS, has a new coop who is currently looking at CSS-enabling the 3.x IDE to find all the places where we are setting colors/fonts etc. explicitly.
  • John Arthorne:
    • The Futures API is going into Equinox in 3.5 as provisional API.
    • now has some content
    • We need a plan, the proposed date for shipping the e4 preview is one month after the 3.5 release (end of July)
  • Steve Northover: nothing to add
  • Eric Moffatt: Compilation Unit Editor, Project Explorer, CVS Repository Explorer come up when using the compatibility layer, next step is working on commands/handlers/menus/toolbars
  • Zizu (coop): working with Kevin on CSS
  • Simon Kaegi: worked on JavaScript OSGi bundles support (using Rhino), can add/remove/start/stop JavaScript bundles
  • Boris Bokowski:
    • came up with prototype code to support hierarchical contexts
    • merged the various wiki pages about the "twenty things"
  • Oleg: worked on turning Boris' prototype context code into something more real.
  • Michael Scharf: nothing to add (recommends Crockford's "JavaScript - the good parts")
  • Martin Oberhuber:
    • AC discussion on API guidelines, depreciation
    • will be able to focus more on e4
    • Kevin and McQ ask the e4 Resources people to seek UI Team (Kevin's) advice when it comes to deciding about UI and workflows, in order to ensure consistecny. Avoid having multiple ways of doing things.
  • McQ Wilson: nothing to add

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