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E4/3X API Survey

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The purpose of this page is to provide a gross overview of APIs found within 3.X platform and their applicability to 4.0. For each API there is a brief note summarizing their condition in e4, be that deprecated, superseded, or still useful as well as a list of the applicable classes/interfaces. For organizational purposes it would be helpful to segregate the list by source plug-in, and within each plug in by logical grouping (if applicable).

This list is in no way exhaustive or authoritative.

org.eclipse.ui (org.eclipse.ui.workbench)


This area covers the top-level conceptual beast that is "the workbench."





Are our classifications of wizards necessary?

Model (Decorators, Workbench model, dynamism)

Working Sets

Working sets, in general, are a somewhat awkward construction. They are often used as a filter on your workspace but are implemented as a bag. It might be useful in e4 to deprecated working sets in favour of a proper model "view" API.

Commands (Operations)

  • IWorkbenchOperationSupport

Contributions (Menus, Toolbars, Keybindings, Action Sets, Object Contributions)


With the addition of proper CSS handling Themes would likely be made redundant.

Activities (Capabilities)

If everything in the workbench is backed by a model, are activities still needed? Could suppression of contributions be seen as a filter on that model?

User Experience (Intro, Help, Browser)

Intro, at the workbench level, is effectively built as a hack on top of views. With a more flexible view model it may be possible to do away with intro entirely.

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