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Development Resources/Reaching out

Eclipse committers, you aren't alone. If you're seeking advice, guidance, or even just an opinion from fellow committers, please refer to the channels below. Make use of these channels since we're a Community! If you're an Eclipse user and need assistance, please use the newsgroups. Someone will help you there.

  • Inquiries about a specific project should be addressed on the project's newsgroup or -dev mailing list.
  • Inquiries about the servers should be addressed to
  • Inquiries about coding, builds or release engineering should be addressed to the cross-project-issues-dev mailing list. If someone there cannot help, they will indicate who can.
  • Inquiries about the development process, guidelines, IP, best practice and "How do I" should be addressed to your project lead, who can escalate the issue with your PMC, your Mentor or the Architecture Council.
  • Inquiries and announcements to the entire committer population should be sent to the mailing list. We like seeing that channel get active, but you must provide an alternate channel for follow-up discussion. This can be a bug (preferred), a project newsgroup, or another mailing list.
    • All committers are subscribed to this mailing list.
    • This list is moderated, however, and the friendly moderators may recommend a better channel for your inquiry.
    • We anticipate that especially questions like "has anybody else already..." or "what other projects deal with...", which are not specific to a project or technology represented elsewhere, get quick and fruitful responses.
  • Chat with other committers: IRC, Twitter Moderation Guidelines

  • Inquiries and announcements deemed appropriate for the entire committer population will be approved if the message contains a link to a follow-up channel.
  • Foundation staff announcements are not generally moderated
  • Follow-up discussion will always be rejected
  • Messages that are too narrow in scope may be rejected, and the moderator will suggest an alternate channel.
  • Messages on the subject of moderation, or disagreements about moderation, are never moderated

Moderators will always provide an explanation for rejected messages.

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