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Development Resources/HOWTO/Left Menu

(1) Using the Infrastructure

The format and content of the project's pages, including the project home page, is under the sole control of the project's Committers (subject, of course, to common sense about truth, decency, project relevance, security issues, etc.) with two exceptions:

  1. R Each project is required to have a link to the standard project page for that project(named either: About This Project / Information about ) so that common information, such as where to find downloads and how to get started with the project, is easily and consistently available for all projects.
  2. R Projects in the Incubation Phase are required to conform to certain labeling, including having an incubation graphic on the home page.

Non Left Nav Links

Use the following for standard links not in the left nav:

 <a href="/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=container.project">About This Project</a>


 <a href="/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=container.project">Information about</a>

PHP Code for Standard Left Menu

The PHP to create the single common nav items on the home page is to include this code before the $App->generate_page(...) and before any project-specific $Nav items are added: (note that internalprojectid is the project's Foundation internal database key, e.g. technology.foobar, and shortname is the short name of project when accessing from, i.e. foobar from

$Nav->setLinkList( array() );
$Nav->addNavSeparator( "Project Name", "/shortname" );
$Nav->addCustomNav( "About This Project",
    "/projects/project_summary.php?projectid=internalprojectid", "", 1  );

The Standard Left Menu Item Looks Like This...


The "About This Project" is the one standard item. It can be first (preferred) or second (after a "project home page" link). Everything else in the left menu is controlled by the Dash project itself.

The "About This Project" item links to the standard project page for Dash. The standard project pages have the same layout and information for each project making it easy for new users to find information about downloads, newsgroups, committers, project plans, etc.


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