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Debug/Phone 7-Jul-2011

Call Info



To be edited:

  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • IBM
    • Jeremy
    • Mike
    • Curtis
    • Dani
  • TI
  • Ericsson

Agenda and Minutes

  • Planning 3.8
    • available resources?
    • Bugs targeted for 3.8
    • Working sets in Debug view (Pawel)
    • Refactor flex hierarchy views. (Pawel)
    • Extending perspectives management (Patrick)
    • Splitting JDT launching bundles (Mike)
      • To be able to reuse JVMs without installing all of JDT
    • Moving JDT debug to java 5 (jvmdi), ditch JDI. (Mike)
      • Additional thread states
      • etc.
    • Performance in the console (Mike)
    • Support process attach for JDT - reuse jvm APIs to different attach scenarios. (Mike)
    • Java 7 support - almost done (Dani)
    • Java 8 already starting (Dani)
  • Git migration
    • Drop the old web page bundle.


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