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Debug/Phone 7-Apr-2011

Call Info


To be edited:

  • Wind River
    • Pawel Piech
  • IBM
    • Dani
  • TI
    • Patrick
    • Dobrin
    • Wenee Lai

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Adding more flexibility to Perspective switching, defferred to 3.8.
    • Dani
      • Action in JDT debug which uses clipboard content... fails on multi-byte characters.
  • Perspective Switching
    • Patrick - Current patch: we need to have a global swtich backward when all global sessions get terminated.
      • New option in preferences to specify which perspectives the switch applies to.
    • Pawel- Too late for 3.7 (Indigo).
    • Dani - Should be possible to implement a user-specific hack as a workaround for a full feature.
    • Patrick - The reason why it didn't work for JDT is because the feature was implemented to switch on launch not on BP (theory).
    • Dani - Configuration is set to switch on launch
    • Pawel - Need to debug solution more.
  • Find dialog
    • Pawel - Freescale would like to override the find dialog to provide register-specific behavior.
    • Wenee - vote specific model to override the action.
      • The requirements for the find UI should be configurable for specific model.
    • Dobrin - Model view search should also be customized for the debugger. So that searches could be executed on the back-end.
    • Pawel - Would making this change amount to an API change.
    • Dani - If is it enough to allow the find handler as an API, then we could request the PMC to approve it. If there's requests for new model (java) interfaces, then the change is too much.
    • Pawel - Will ask on the CDT but to create a specific platform bug for the API extension.


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