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Debug/Phone 6-Oct-2011

Call Info



To be edited

  • IBM
    • Dani
    • Mike
  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • Ericsson
    • Marc K

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Flex viewer, and debug toolbar
    • Mike
      • Remote javascript debugging
      • Backporting java 7 support to 6+
    • (note java 7 was a major feature released in a maintenance release. It has special consideration.)
    • Dani
      • Git migration done for whole Eclipse SDK except for doc and some releng stuff.
  • Debug Toolbar - 258767
    • Marc: adding a visual view which will exist in parallel to Debug view
    • Dani:
      • What do we want to achieve: we did not reach debug-view less debugging
      • Is there something in the debug perspective: for example should we add to make this possible
      • The view menu item that moves the debug toolbar to main, it gives the impression that you can move the debug toolbar. It's new concept, that's being introduced to user in an inconsistent way. It breaks the concept that you can have a global toolbar that acts in a local way.
      • What happens when the view is not active? Should debug toolbar be hidden.
    • Marc: bad workflow: User needs to go to Debug view to turn on the Debug toolbar.
    • Dani: a global preference would be preferable which says: view-less debugging/debug with global toolbar. A workflow preference rather than an individual UI element.
    • Dani: other debug actions could be contributed to debug toolbar not just run control.
    • Set preference in M3 to have toolbar in main toolbar.
      • View needs to have run control actions and top level toolbar would be very helpful.
  • Flex viewer refactoring - 161435
  • Git


    • Debug toolbar
      • Turn on debug toolbar action set.
      • Turn off debug view toolbar, add a view setting to turn on view toolbar.
      • Toggle skip-all breakpoints action.
      • Run-to-line action fix too.
      •  ?Breadrumb in breakpoints view.?

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