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Debug/Phone 6-May-2010

Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call for Platform Debug Client's Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday 5 May 2010 at 8:00am PDT / 10:00 am CDT / 11:00am EDT
USA/Canada tool free dial-in: (866) 869-3090
International dial-ins: Austria 01 92 87 547, Germany 06 92 22 21 61 10, Sweden 08 56 61 94 27, France 01 70 73 27 20, UK 02 08 11 81 026 or 08 44 57 90 592

(Complete list of international dial in numbers)

Passcode: 5107492128#


  • Wind River
    • Pawel Piech
  • Ericsson
    • Marc
  • IBM
    • Darin
    • HariBabu M
  • TI
    • Patrick
    • Dobrin
    • Navid
  • Code Source
    • Mikhail
  • Nokia
    • Ken Ryall

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Bug fixing for release candidates
      • Breakpoints view has had a lot of quality
    • Darin
      • Small set of bugs for RC1, trying to focus on small risk bugs.
      • Would like to have no bugs to fix in RC2...
      • Breakpoints view, agree that we've had a lot of problems, but not sure how to improve
      • Automated tests will only take us so far with UI components
    • Bug 311792 - Would like to commit the real fix.
    • Need to update documentation for BP detail panes
    • Need to document Restart in CDT
  • 3.6 Release Candidate
  • Improving quality of contributions
    • Pawel
      • Automated tests to allow validating that the view shows the data that it's supposed to based on the model
    • Darin
      • The flexible hierarchy API is very complicated and causes things to be error
    • Navid
      • Better documentation of common pitfalls in using APIs
    • Darin
      • Documentation of standard uses of Standard debug model in populating content (e.g. how many jobs gets kicked off when content is updated).
    • Patrick
      • Generating deltas and keeping them synchronized with content.
      • Documentation on delta flags and what they do in the viewer.
      • Breakpoints view tried to follow example of Expressions view. However Breakpoints view has multiple underlying debuggers underlying the data.
    • Darin
      • "Group by" use case was very difficult for flexible hierarchy.
    • Navid
      • Has anyone tried to use UI automated tests for Platform
      • Darin: there are several frameworks out there, but they're not used much by Platform
      • Navid: TI has an automated test framework
      • Darin: Discussion with Platform team in general to create a framework for all components.
      • Ken: SWTBot is as much of a standard for automated UI testing.
      • Pawel: would you recommend using SWTBot for Platform project
        • Navid: Developers who change UI components also update the test code at the same time.
      • Ken: Often it's more stable in automated tests is to get around SWT code, and call APIs directly.
      • Ken: Difficulty in using in Platform would be to:
        1. Get consencus on using a toolkit
        2. You'd need to have people willing to maintain the UI tests, developers tend to prefer unit tests


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