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Debug/Phone 5-May-2011

Call Info


To be edited:

  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • IBM
    • Michael
    • Dani
  • TI
    • Patrick
    • Dobrin

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel Pawel
      • Trying to keep up with test cycle
    • Mike
      • RC in good state
      • Updated test plan to reflect late changes
      • Need to update copyright header files.
    • Dani
      • Blocker issue in Breakpoints view - SWT bug affecting checking of checkbox
  • Retargetting Find command in Variables views (targeted 3.8)
    • Dani: it's perfectly acceptable to allow extenders to substitute the find command handler, and that we should make sure that text search in the detail pane is maintained
    • Mike: did anyone request customizing the dialog
  • Patrick: switching perspectives backwards:
    • Should we create a new mode for terminate (to switch back)
    • Currently you can set what kind of mode we have (run/debug)
    • Will postpone discussion till 3.8=


    • Pawel:
      • Need to update copyright header files.

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