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Debug/Phone 5-Mar-2009

Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Thursday 5 March 2008 at 7:30am PDT / 10:30pm EDT
USA tool free dial-in: (888) 545-8370
International dial-in: (770) 659-3936
Passcode: 5107492128#


  • Darin (IBM)
  • Samantha (IBM)
  • Natasha (IBM)
  • Pawel (Wind River)
  • Dobrin (TI)
  • Patrick (TI)
  • Mikhail (ARM)

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status Update
    • Pawel: All Breadcrumb in M6
    • Darin:
      • Support launch config for external file systems.
      • Workspace variables are in headless environment (moved to non-UI plugins). Ultimate destination for this feature is in the resource plugin.
      • Breadcrumb (below)
    • Smantha:
      • Working with Ted on Memory view, but ran out of time to make workflow changes.
      • Want to start experimenting (branching memory view). One possibility is using the Platform Debug incubator.
  • Breadcrumb
    • Open issue: view management additions: bug 262811
    • There is no notification for model changes which are outside of the focused item. bug 262260
      • Flashing an icon is too subtle and transient to be useful.
      • One idea: create an overview ruler for the Debug view.
      • Biggest problem to overcome is the lazy loading viewer.
  • Multiple Launchers' UI bug 262840
  • Flexible hierarchy packages' "Friends"

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