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Debug/Phone 4-Aug-2011

Call Info



  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • IBM
    • Dani
    • Mike
    • Curtis

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Java 7 merge complete
      • API tools description for 1.7 complete
  • Migrate to GIT
    • Dani: not too much in a hurry.
    • Next thing to tackle is 3.7.1 deadline: critical bugs. Once it's done, we can start migrate: suggestion start end of August.
    • Some projects decided to go back only to v 3.4.
  • Flexible hierarchy API promotion
    • Pawel: if we change package names, we'll force everyone to recompile.
    • Mike, Dani: forcing everyone to change packages is not acceptable.
    • Dani: goal is to move to another bundle.
      • This is UI code and it should be stable enough and good enough for UI team to accept.
      • We'd need to demonstrate that other clients want to use the viewer.
    • Pawel: could we promote the API without removing the "provisional" from the name.
      • Mike: API tools still use the "provisional" name in package names.
      • Dani: we could do this in documentation and remove the internal marker from manifest.
    • Pawel: will look at some refactoring
      • Mike: yes the implementation and api's logic looks like magic for users.
    • Mike: could we break things for 4.2
      • Dani: only if really needed and not used by many people
    • Pawel: can we move the viewer packages to separate bundle?
      • Mike: if debug could re-export the packages then backward compatibility would not be broken
      • Dani: the only constrain is that the bundle would have to have the debug name in it,
      • Mike: no use case for IBM products


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