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Debug/Phone 3-Nov-2011

Call Info

Debug/Meeting Notes#Call_Info


To be edited

  • IBM
    • Mike
    • Dani
    • Curtis
  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • Ericsson

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status / Where are we with our planned Juno items
    • Pawel
      • CDT Breakpoints - team focus
      • need to wrap up flex viewer refactoring branch
    • Mike
      • Firebug work mostly
      • Using breakpoint types in html editor - to be able to set different types of breakpoints
    • Dani
      • Investigating gerrit.
      • Feedback on toolbar
  • Flex viewer refactoring - Are we ready yet? (161435)
  • Git - Release tagging?
    Dani: Pawel, do you mean build tagging or only tagging the release?
    • Pawel - Build tagging
      • Dani: currently the platform team is still discussing the the preferred strategy.
      • Current front runner proposal is to do development on dedicated branch and merge to master for releasing to build.
  • M3 shipped: 2 milestones left: what's the features progress
    • Pawel: Wind river not planning any more major features
    • Mike: behind on a couple of plan items


  • Pawel: to look up how double-click is hooked in in CDT
  • Mike: to review flex hierarchy changes.
  • Pawel: Backport performance tests to 3.7 -> perfs3.7x branch.
  • Pawel: Need to add entry to tests.xml, Mike to help
  • Mike: write up tagging process for Debug

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