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Debug/Phone 2-Jun-2011

Call Info



To be edited:

  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • IBM
    • Mike
  • TI
  • Ericsson
    • Mark

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel Pawel
      • Release candidates
    • Mike
      • Nothing to add
    • Dani
  • Bug triage
    • Would like to use tags to organize tags
    • Mike: was an effort a while ago, but it fizzled out
    • Pawel: would like to use abbreviated tags.
    • Mike: inbox is 998
  • Planning Process
    • Start process with stakeholder companies: IBM, WindRiver, Ericsson, TI...
    • Consider migrating away from provisional API: flex hierarchy.
    • 4.x is the new standard platform. No backward compatibility problems. Mike will start using it for development.
    • Clean up and promote flexible hierarchy APIs.


  • Pawel: create page for Juno planning. No need to split out 3.x and 4.x feature sets.

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