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Debug/Phone 2-Feb-2012

Call Info

Debug/Meeting Notes#Call_Info


  • IBM
    • Dani
    • Mike
  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • Ericsson

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Breakpoint toggle extension
      • Flex viewer bugs.
    • Mike
      • Launching connector for core dump.
      • Trying to finish debug work to move onto platform UI. Trying to offload mostly javascript and firefox integration instead of debug
    • Dani
      • Not much debug work
      • Ant is looking to upgrade to 1.8.3.
  • Notifications in debug view (
    • Dani: simple user scenario if you hit a breakpoint, would like an indication of last thread suspended (e.g. italicized).
    • Dani: log view idea could be valid but out of scope.
    • Pawel: an effective log view would need to drive the selection on debug view
  • JRE searching on Mac Broken (Bug 368483, 369524).
    • Pawel to try to repro,
    • Should check with Marcus as well.
  • Testing with with 4.x
    • Cannot move debug view to top of IDE. This makes the debug toolbar not as useful because it's further away from the view.
      • Pawel: will debug view be able to be placed on top?
        • Need to find relevant bugs.


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