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Debug/Phone 2-Dec-2010

Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call for Platform Debug Client's Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday 2 Dec 2010 at 8:00am PDT / 10:00 am CDT / 11:00am EDT
USA/Canada tool free dial-in: (866) 869-3090
International dial-ins: Austria 01 92 87 547, Germany 06 92 22 21 61 10, Sweden 08 56 61 94 27, France 01 70 73 27 20, UK 02 08 11 81 026 or 08 44 57 90 592

(Complete list of international dial in numbers)

Passcode: 5107492128#


To be edited:

  • Wind River
    • Pawel Piech
  • Ericsson
    • Marc K.
  • IBM
    • Dani M.
    • Mike R.
    • Alan B.
    • Geremy S.
  • TI
    • Patrick
    • Dobrin
  • Nokia
    • Ken R.

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Multi-instance view support
    • Mike
      • Multi-view support as well
    • Dani
      • Conditional breakpoints issues at IBM
      • Coaching new components
  • Project Leadership Transition
    • Component leads have to be voted by the committers: passed already
    • PMC needs to approve the component leads
    • Need to notify Eclipse Management foundation
      • Eclpise project has a weekly architecture meeting
        • Need to review M4 bugs
      • Release process, Mike will handle releasing I build changes
      • When checking in changes for the M build, should release them immediately.
    • Pawel will triage Debug inbox, and Mike will handle JDT inbox, we both should watch each others boxes.
    • Other component lead responsibility: gate keeper for late and high risk changes.
  • Multi-Core
    • Pawel: happy with current state of patch state to commit
    • Mike: happy with state as far as stability
    • Pawel: Would we like to pursue this further as a generic feature:
      • Marc: would like to have this feature as a generic
  • Ideas to prevent data loss when deleting a conditional breakpoint:
    • do other debugger providers have conditional breakpoints?
      • Yes, CDT does but condition editing is not as rich as JDT's
    • do other debugger providers have template support?
      • Good idea, CDT could benefit from a parallel feature.
    • do other debugger providers add undo support?
      • UNDO support for BP delete is welcome by all
  • Breakpoint Actions (Bug 295658)
    • Background: BP actions is a CDT feature that we would like to contribute to platform to make them generic. Examples of actions: resume, play sound, etc.
    • Current dilemma is whether to breakpoint actions need to re-use the standard command framework.
    • Mike: IBM has an equivalent feature, not sure what is the desire to pull in a standard framework.
    • Pawel: it would really help if some other party needed this feature and helped contribute it to platform.


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