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Debug/Phone 1-Sep-2011

Call Info



To be edited

  • Wind River
    • Pawel
  • IBM
    • Dani (might join a bit later)
    • Mike
    • Curtis

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Flex viewer work
      • Bugs from product
    • Dani
      • Git migration
      • Losing tags value, because tags in CVS are per-project, but tags in git are repository wide.
      • After git migration, will need to tag and release from command line.
    • Mike
      • Not much debug work.
  • 3.8 Plan - Debug/Plan/3.8
    • drop splitting jdt launching bundle.
    • drop working sets for debug view
    • probably need to drop using jvmdi - would need to write a library to leverage new features, plus oracle hints that 3rd party software should stick with jdi.
  • Java 5
    • Starting to convert to java 5 exec environment.
      • Markus Keller has lots of experience.
      • Need to ask PMC about move.
      • OSGI for example down-compiles to java 4 exec environment.
      • Note: API rule is that collections cannot be used in APIs.
      • Java 5 has update IO classes that could help with serializing mementos.
      • Need a good reason to move to Java 5.
  • Flex viewer refactoring - 161435
    • Using asyncExec() vs. jobs().
    • Should check existing users that refactoring won't break them.
    • Can start testing next week.


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