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Debug/Phone 1-Nov-2012

Call Info

Debug/Meeting Notes#Call_Info


  • IBM
    • Pawel
    • Mike Rennie
    • Dani
    • Jeremy Swan

Agenda and Minutes

  • Status
    • Pawel
      • Bug fixing, pin and clone.
    • Mike + Dani
      • Bug fixing
  • Bug 381886 - Debugger keybindings frequently require pressing twice
    • 4.2 and 3.8 - Fix 4.2 handling of double Action delegates in platform UI
    • 4.3 - Port actions to menus.
      • Need to clarify Show/Hide of debug toolbar in view.
      • Most importantly, need to get rid of in-code definitions of actions. Action sets are supported in 4.3, so no rush on converting them (would be nice though)
  • Bug 327497 - [source lookup] Two debug source look up requests for the same debug session
    • Mike: Can't reproduce the bug with java script anymore.
    • Pawel: let's post a fix and ask other projects to verify.
    • Pawel: will file enhancements for other features in CDT source lookup.
    • Mike: will finish and post patch.


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