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Dali Automated Pre-Requistes

Dali QA Testing

The following sections need to be completed prior to running any of the QTP Automated Test Suites.

Installing Dali 3.2

  1. Go to the Dali Downloads site
  2. Download all pre-requiste zip files in order, except for the one for graphiti
  3. Launch Eclipse and go to Help > Install Updates
  4. Add the location for graphiti download and then click add
  5. Get the latest graphiti build for eclipse
  6. Close Eclipse, then go back to the Dali downloads site and get the zip file for Dali
  7. Launch eclipse and notice that Dali and graphiti diagram editor can both be launched

Setup JPA EclipseLink Library

  1. Go to the Eclipse-EclipseLink Site to get the latest EclipseLink JPA
  2. Click on Downloads in the Links Section to the Right
  3. Click on the Installer Zip to download the Libraries
  4. Launch Eclipse
  5. Select Window > Preferences
  6. Expand Java > Build Path and click on User Libraries
  7. Click on New button
  8. Enter Dali_Library for library name
  9. Click on OK button
  10. Highlight Dali_Library and Click Add JARs button
  11. Browse to location of installed EclipseLink jpa directory (Ex. C:\Dali\eclipselink\jlib\jpa\) and select javax.persistence_1.0.0.jar
  12. Click on OK button
  13. Click on Add JARs button
  14. Browse to location of installed EclipseLink jlib directory (Ex. C:\Dali\eclipselink\jlib\) and select eclipselink.jar
  15. Click on OK button
  16. Click on Add JARs button
  17. Browse to location of installed EclipseLink jpa directory (Ex. C:\Dali\eclipselink\jpa\) and select javax.persistence_2.0.1.v201006031150.jar
  18. Click OK button.
  19. Click on New button
  20. Enter JAXB_Library for library name
  21. Click on OK button
  22. Highlight JAXB_Library and Click on Add JARs button
  23. Browse to location of installed EclipseLink moxy directory (Ex. C:\Dali\eclipselink\jlib\jpa\moxy\) and select all the .jar files in the moxy directory
  24. Click on OK button.

Setup JPA Perspective

  1. Select Window > Open Perspective > Other
  2. Select JPA in Open Perspective Dialog
  3. Click on OK button

Create Database Connections

  1. Go to the Data Source Explorer
  2. R-Click on Database Connection and Select New
  3. Select Oracle
  4. Enter Oracle 11g in the Name field and Click on Next button
  5. Click on New Driver Definition Icon
  6. Select Oracle Thin Driver for System Version 11
  7. Select Jar List Tab and click on the Add JAR/Zip button
  8. Select the ojdbc6_11.jar (Ex. C:\JBC_Drivers\Oracle_Drivers\11gR11.1.0.7\ojdbc6_11.jar)
  9. Select ojdbc14.jar and click on Remove JAR/Zip
  10. Click on OK button
  11. Set up the SID, Host, Port number, etc. fields
  12. Check the Connect when the wizard completes checkbox and click on the Next button
  13. Click on Finish
  14. Repeat for any other database connections prior to running a test against that DB

Setup Error Log View

  1. Select Window > Show View > Other
  2. Select General > Error Log in the Show View Dialog
  3. Click on OK button
  4. Select JPA Details Tab

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