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Dali 3.3 Release

Dali 3.3

Dali 3.3 Release Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.3 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
313420 Primary key generation, Generator name combo does not remove text from source Create JPA project and JPA Entity as shown in the bug JPA project and entity are created successfully
... ... Place cursor in JPA Details pane, Primary Key Generation > Generator Name field and then backspace to clear the entry Verify the field can be cleared and the editor is updated correctly and no errors appear
... ... Add the entity and attribute to the orm.xml mapping file and repeat the above step Verify the field can be cleared and the editor is updated correcty and no errors appear
322550 JAXB Class Generation wizard should display the default package Create a JAXB project JAXB Project is created successfully
... ... Select File>New>Other New dialog appears
... ... Select JAXB>JAXB Classes from Schema... and click on the Next button New JAXB Classes from Schema page appears
... ... Select a project, Click on Next, Select a Schema and click on next Verify the package field contains the name of the last package name used
347993 ClassCastException: GenericOrmVirtualSecondaryTable cannot be cast to SecondaryTable Create JPA project, JPA Entity JPA Project and Entity are created successfully
... ... Select JPA Entity in JPA Structure Tab Verify Entity appears in JPA Details Tab
... ... Expand Secondary Table and click on Add button Add Secondary Table Dialog appears
... ... Select a Table and click on the OK button Verify Secondary Table appears
... ... Create orm.xml file and add the entity to this file, Select the entity in the orm.xml file in the Structure tab Verify Enitity appears in the JPA Details tab
... ... Expand the Secondary Table, Check the Define in XML checkbox Verify the secondary table list is enabled
... ... Select the secondary entity and click on Remove button Verify secondary entity is removed successfully and no errors appear
348009 Secondary tables defined on Java entity not shown correctly when being added to mapping xml Create JPA Project, Create JPA entity JPA Project and JPA entity are created successfully
... ... Select JPA Entity, Expand Secondary Tables in JPA Details and Add 2 or 3 secondary tables Tables are added successfully and appear in editor for entity
... ... Create a mapping file, add the Java entity to it, Expand Secondary Tables in JPA Details pane and then select "Define in XML" checkbox Verify all secondary tables appear in the list correctly
... ... Add another secondary table to the entity, via the Entity (not the mapping file), then come back to the mapping file and uncheck then check the Define in XML checkbox Verify the newly added secondary table appears in list.
376512 Make Persistent dialog - Finish button not enabled Create JPA Project, Create Class (ClassA) JPA Project and Class are created successfully
... ... R-Click on class and select JPA Tools > Make Persistent Verify Make Persistent dialog appears and the class (ClassA) appears in the list and Finish button is enabled
... ... Select Add to XML mapping file radio button Verify error appears stating The XML mapping file does not exist and Finish button is disabled
... ... Now select Annotate in Java radio button again Verify error is removed, class (ClassA) appears in the list and the Finish button is enabled
377172 Generate Dynamic Entites dialog doesn not work correctly if you have Generic project selected Create 2 JPA EclipseLink and JPA Generic project Projects are created successfully
... ... Select the JPA Generic project in Project Explorer and Select New > Other Verify New dialog appears
... ... Select JPA > EclipseLink > Dynamic Entities from Tables Verify Generic Dynamic Entities dialog appears and only the JPA EclipseLink projects appear the Generic projects do not appear in dialog and the Next and Finish buttons are disabled
... ... Select one of the JPA EclipseLink projects Verify the Next button becomes enabled and the Finish button is still disabled
382285 Table name with reserved keyword not written out to orm properly through UI Create JPA Project, JPA Entity and add the Entity to the orm.xml JPA Project and Entity are created successfully and entity is added to orm.xml
... ... Select the Entity in the orm.xml Verify Entity info appears in JPA Details tab
... ... Enter SELECT (or another reserved keyword) into the Table Name text field Verify appears in the editor for orm.xml

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