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Dali 3.3 RC2 Release

Dali 3.3

Dali 3.3 RC2 Release Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.3 RC2 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
305593 Synchronize Class List action ends up adding classes in reverse alphabetical order Create JPA project JPA project is created successfully
... ... Add up to 5 different JPA Entities to the project in random alphabetical order Open persistence.xml in the editor and verify they have been added to Managed Classes in the General tab in the order they were entered, also verify they appear in the JPA structure pane in the order they were entered.
... ... R-Click on the persistence.xml in the Project Explorer and select JPA Tools > Synchronize Class List Verify entities have been updated in alphabetical order in the Managed Classes on the General tab as well as in the JPA Structure pane.
407467 Both @OrderBy and @OrderColumn apply once selecting Order column radio button Create JPA Project and JPA entites with at least 2 attributes JPA project and entities are created successfully
... ... Select an attribute in one of the entities and change the mapping to OneToMany Attribute is updated in editor to show @OneToMany
... ... Expand Ordering in JPA Details pane and select Order column radio button Verify @OrderColumn annotation appears in the editor for the attribute and @OrderBy does not appear
... ... Change mapping from OneToMany to ManyToMany Verify mapping is updated and @OrderColumn annotation still appears
... ... Select None radio button in JPA Details for Ordering Verify @OrderColumn annotation is removed from editor
... ... Change mapping from ManyToMany to Element Collection Verify mapping is updated
... ... Expand Ordering in JPA Details pane and select Order column radio button Verify @OrderColumn annotation appears in the editor for the attribute
407652 Generate entities from tables wizard does not generate entities implementing Create a Java project Java project is created successfully
... ... R-Click on Java project select configure > Convert to JPA Project... Modify Faceted Project dialog appears
... ... Leave defaults and click on Next and then Finish buttons. Project is updated to JPA
... ,,, R-click on JPA project select JPA Tools > Generate Entities From Tables... Generate Custom Entities
... ... Select a few tables and then click on Finish button Verify entities are created successfully, without error. Also verify that the entities implement serializable
408149 Missing key in Download latest Dali build All pre-reqs and build were downloaded successfully
... ... Open org.eclipse.jpt.jaxb.eclipselink.core jar file from the plugins directory All files appear in winzip dialog
... ... Open with wordpad Verify OXM_FILE__NOT_LATEST_VERSION= appears on line 18 in the .properties file
408172 2.1 is default facet version for JAXB facet Select File > New > Other New dialog appears
... ... Select JAXB > JAXB Project and click on Next button JAXB Project page appears and verify that 2.2 appears as the default for JAXB version
408174 [EclipseLink] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when typing new java type in oxm.xml Create a new JAXB 2.2 EL2.5 project JAXB project is created successfully
... ... Create a new package, R-Click on New package and select EclipseLink MOXy OXM File New EclipseLink MOXy OXM File dialog appears and oxm.xml appears as default for file name
... ... Click on Finish button Verify oxm.xml file is created successfully without error
... ... Go to Source and enter null java-type name and Save

<java-type name=""></java-type> </java-types>

Verify no errors appear in Error log
... ... Update source to have blank <java-type></java-type> and Save Verify no errors appear in Error log
... ... Update source to have a name <java-type name=test></java-type> and Save Verify error in problems pane stating that name must be specified is removed
408905 'What's new" section in user.doc is out of date Launch Eclipse, Select Help > Help Contents Help - Eclipse dialog opens
... ... Select Dali Java Persistence Tools User Guide Verify What's New section does not appear only the following sections appear: Getting started, Concepts, Tasks, Reference, Tips and tricks, Legal

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