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Dali 1.0M7 Plan


Features To Consider

  • Final features for 1.0 release
  • High level features to consider
    • JPA annotation value completion (High)
    • Persistence.xml UI - Structure View (Medium)
    • Ability to add JPA functionality to an existing Java project (nature to facet conversion) (Low)
    • Entity Gen extensibility (wholesale replacement concept) High (DDL type solution)
    • DDL Gen extensibility - High
    • Project Explorer (too big)
    • General UI Exensibility? (probably go with what we have now, which is you have to write your own UI)
    • Improve on existing functionality (given)
    • Text based Named Query Support - High (add to model, put in UI Details (Structure as phase 2), validation
    • Refactoring - > Move from annotation to XML; Action to convert JPA annotation metadata to ORM XML metadata (Medium) (post 1.0)
    • Project Rename? (High)
    • Usability in orm.xml - adding mappings, etc (High)

Targeted Features

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