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Dali 0.5 planning

0.5 Milestone Plan

Milestone 1 - Iteration 1: Feb 10, 2006 - Complete

Iteration Goals:

  • Support broad array of annotations, including id, basic, and association mappings
  • Support Embeddeds, MappedSuperclass,
  • Integrated DB support via WTP's wst.rdb component
  • DDL Generation (postponed to Milestone 2)
  • Problems support for invalid mappings
  • Compliant with EJB3 Persistence Spec - Proposed Final Draft (with exception of a name change for GeneratorType to GenerationType; this will be fixed in an early M1I2 build)

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.1.2, WTP 1.0

Milestone 1 - Iteration 2: March 10, 2006

Iteration Goals:

  • Entity Generation from Tables (Phase 1)
  • DDL Generation from Entities
  • Enhanced Problem reporting

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.1.2, WTP1.0.1

Milestone 2: April 14, 2006

Milestone Goals:

  • Entity Generation from Tables (Phase 2)
  • Management of persistence.xml (Moved to Milestone 3)
  • Support for IdClass, EmbeddedID (Moved to Milestone 3)
  • Support multiple JoinColumns for association mappings (Not implemented for M-M)
  • Online Help, Developer guide (Added)

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2M5, WTP1.5M5

Milestone 3: May 12, 2006

Milestone Goals:

  • persistence.xml
    • Basic template creation when adding Java Persistence to a project
    • Validation of persistence.xml (problems support)
    • Support for synchronizing persistence.xml with Entity names
  • Support for Inheritance (single table)
  • Usability enhancements
    • Off-line DB support through RDB component
    • More intelligent listening of DB connection
  • More Entity Generation enhancements

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2RC2, WTP1.5RC2

Milestone 4 / RC0: June 4th, 2006 (Feature freeze for 0.5)

  • More support for EmbeddedID
  • Support for Inheritance (join table)
  • Better integration with Java refactoring
  • Support for Temporal annotation
  • Enhanced support for PK Generation
  • Support for insertable and updateable

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2RC6, WTP1.5RC4

RC1: June 21st, 2006 (Code freeze for 0.5)

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2RC7, WTP1.5RC5

RC2: Release 0.5: June 28, 2006

This build should be available in as a WTP technology preview.

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2, WTP1.5

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