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Dali JPA 2.1 Support for Kepler

This table identifies Dali's current support for JPA 2.1 features:

Feature Status Links Description
Criteria Bulk Update/Delete N/A Doesn't apply to tools
Stored Procedure Queries Completed bug 392701 Basic support has been completed. Advanced UI support remains for Luna bug 401706
JPQL - Arithmetic expressions with sub-queries. Completed bug 350597 use subqueries as arguments for arithmetic expressions.
ConstructorResult support in SQLResultsetMappings N/A Doesn't apply to tools
Runtime definition of Named Queries N/A Doesn't apply to tools
Generic Query function support Completed bug 350843 Provides JPQL support for SQL functions not specified in the spec
Injectable Entity Listeners N/A Doesn't apply to tools
Joins with On clause Completed bug 367452 Allows refinement of a Join expression through the use of the ON clause
Treat support Complete bug 374771 Allows relationship joins to be treated as a subclass of the join type.
Converter Completed bug 392702 Tolerance has been added to insure that no invalid validation occurs with this usage. Additional support is cataloged in bug 401218
Unsynchronized Persistence Contexts N/A Doesn't apply to tools
DDL Generation Completed bug 393196 Added new persistence.xml properties to Generic and EclipseLink Persistence XML Editor extensions. Support for ForeignKey and Index have been deferred as they do not affect tolerance. bug 392703
Entity Graph Deferred bug 402942 No support is planned for Kepler release as no tolerance issues have been identified

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