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DTP project meeting, September 21, 2011

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  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)


  • We discussed the patch for bug 357576, which adds an extension point to enable connection polling
    • Linda pointed out that defining the class parameter as 'java' rather than 'string' makes it easier to use the extension point at design time. At execution time it's a wash.
    • We need to get Fitz's input on this one, since he is Connectivity project lead
    • We should clarify in the Bugzilla entry that this does some basic enablement for connection polling, but does not actually provide the connection polling feature.
  • We discussed the build that would contain the new patches that IBM wants to add
    • Current builds are marked as "RC1" and are not saved. The RC1 ship date is not until Jan 17, 2012, so it might make sense to create interim milestone builds.
  • Linda is working on a new extension point for 1.9.2 that allows extenders to specify the encryption to use for connections. She is still working on the spec, so hasn't create a Bugzilla for this yet.
  • Linda has signed up to man the booth at the Java One trade show in October in San Francisco. She doesn't know what the machine setup will be, so she doesn't yet know if she will be able to demo DTP. But she should be able to at least tell people about it.

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