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DTP project meeting, June 26, 2014

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  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)


  • DTP 1.12.0 for Eclipse Luna is GA!
  • The 1.12.0 release review is completed and the release was approved by the EMO.
  • Linda created the GA build and updated the download page. Thanks, Linda!
  • The issue regarding CQ's for some of the old DTP releases still needs attention. Brian will open the CQ's.
  • Brian needs to create a branch for the 1.12.0 release, so 1.12.1 dev can continue in the main stream.
  • The DTP builds provided by Actuate are ending. Unfortunately the DTP common build is still not yet fully functional, and is not getting published. This needs to be addressed at least before the first milestone for 1.12.1.
  • BIG NEWS: Linda is no longer with Actuate Corp., and is resigning from her DTP PMC and project lead positions. Thank you Linda for all your hard work over the years for DTP, often "above and beyond"! You've been involved with DTP since the beginning, and it's sad that you will be leaving. Let's hope you can find a way to continue to participate.
  • Given the above, there isn't much point in having regular PMC/Project meetings any more. (It would be a meeting of one.) So this will be the last DTP project meeting entry, at least for a while.

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