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DTP project meeting, February 6, 2014

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  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)


  • Linda has tried the new DB2 enablement plugins with DB2 v9.7. She had some questions about some of the connection variations that are now available. In particular, does the client authentication option require a .dll on Windows? Brian doesn't think so, but he wasn't sure. (He hasn't used that option.)
  • There are some DTP forum postings regarding DB2 enablement. Brian will respond to those, now that the new enablement code is available.
  • Linda handled the DTP build while from the Build team was away on holiday. She had to find out how to handle certain steps and get permission on the Eclipse build server. She is documenting the steps.
  • Linda has updated the DTP webpage to point to the DTP wiki.
  • We will be branching off 1.11.2 soon, with new development continuing in the HEAD stream. At that point, it would be good to merge current HEAD changes into the existing 1.12 branch. Rather than abandoning the current 1.12 branch, Brian thought it might be good to use that branch for a set of projected contributions from IBM, until they are building properly and tested, at which point they could be merged into the HEAD stream.
  • The Eclipse Planning Council is encouraging projects to put a Git source link into their manifest files. It is optional at this point, so we decided to not do this right now.

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