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DTP meeting with BIRT team, October 24, 2014

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  • Brian Payton (IBM)
  • Roshanak Afsarifard (Actuate)
  • Wenbin He (Actuate)


  • Roshanak called the meeting to meet the DTP team and find out what the current status of the DTP project is. Right now there are no DTP committers from Actuate. DTP is an important dependency of the BIRT project.
  • Brian explained that the "DTP Team" (that is, active DTP committers) is now down to himself.
  • Brian said that DTP is not yet declared for the Eclipse Mars release, but he intends to do so once some DTP build issues are resolved.
  • The DTP plan for the Mars release is the same as it was for Luna: keep the project alive as an Eclipse project and fix bugs as needed (based on submitted patches).
  • There is a fix that Actuate would like to get into DTP. Brian said he will apply it based on a Bugzilla.
  • Brian said he needs some help with converting the DTP build over to the CBI (Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure). The DTP builds are currently running on "auto-pilot" with the old PDE-based builds done by Actuate. Actuate is moving the BIRT builds over to CBI. Wenbin said he will contact the Actuate build team to see if they can help with the DTP build.

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