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DTP SQL Query Builder Ganymede Project Plan

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SQL Query Builder

The SQL Query Builder Project Plan is broken down into the following bugzilla enhancement requests.


  • Migrate Project Properties to Preferences and SQL Properties, 202585.
These properties enable/disable the inclusion of the current schema name in generated SQL.
Target: M3
  • Make SQL Query Builder database and sql dialect Neutral, 202586.
Target: M3
- Rather than loading a file containing a SQL statement and a Connection Profile, the SQL statement and Connection Profile will be passed to/from the SQL Query Builder through an API.
- Make the SQL Query Builder a component which can be invoked through an API.
- Allow the SQL Query Builder to run in a dialog.
Target: M3
  • Integration with DTP SQLScrapbook, 202591.
Allow SQLScrapbook to invoke the SQL Query Builder.
Target: M4
  • SQL Support: Variables, 202600.
Includes support for variables and parameter markers.
Target: M5
  • Improved look and feel, 202589.
Improve the layout of the SQL Query Builder's panes, making them customizable.
This task will be viewed as a development pressure and will be ongoing throughout the period M3 - M6.
Target: M6
Usability enhancements to the UI.
Target: post Ganymede. Parts of this have been done for M5.
  • SQL Support: Comment Handling, 202602.
Support comments preceding or inside SQL statements.
Target: post Ganymede
  • DTP Enablement: SQL Dialect Support / Extensibility, 202592.
Define enablement framework to support SQL dialect variations.
Target: post Ganymede
  • DTP Enablement: User-Interface Enablement, 202593.
Define enablement framework for UI
Target: post Ganymede
  • DTP Enablement: Enablement for exemplary database, 202594.
Enable the SQL Query Builder for an exemplary database, probably Apache Derby.
Target: post Ganymede


  • Easy Access to Database objects, 202597.
Enhanced support for accessing database objects.
Target: post Ganymede
Re-work the bottom pane of the SQL Query Builder's UI, where detailed parts of SQL Queries are defined.
Target: post Ganymede
  • Integration with DTP SQLEditor, 202590.
Make the SQL Query Builder use the DTP SQLEditor's editing control, rather than its own control.
Target: post Ganymede
  • DTP Enablement: Variables Support, 216556.
The enablement framework part of support for variables
Target: post Ganymede
  • SQL Support: Quoted Identifiers, 202601.
Support quoted and unquoted identifiers.
Target: post Ganymede
  • SQL Support: Qualified and Unqualified Names, 202603.
Support qualified and unqualified names.
Target: post Ganymede
  • SQL Support: SQL Execution, 202604.
Enhance ability to execute SQL queries from SQL Query Builder.
Target: post Ganymede
  • SQL Support: Subquery Support, 202605.
The SQL Query Builder currently has very limited support for subqueries. This will be enhanced.
Target: post Ganymede
  • SQL Support: UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT, 202606.
Improve support for UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT.
Target: post Ganymede


  • Type mismatch detection, 202607.
Detect type mismatches and suggest type conversions where possible.
Target: post Ganymede
Apply SQL validation constraints.
Target: post Ganymede
  • Improve Expression and Condition Builder UI, 202609.
Rewrite the expression and condition builder to make them more user friendly.
Target: post Ganymede
  • Undo and redo Support, 202610.
Add undo and redo editing support.
Target: post Ganymede

Milestone Dates for Ganymede

M2: 09/26/07
M3: 11/07/07
M4: 12/19/07
M5: 02/13/08
M6: Est 03/26/08
M7: Est 05/07/08

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