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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: November 6, 2006

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  • John Graham
  • Linda Chan
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Rob Cernich
  • Der-Ping Chou
  • Brian Payton


  • Hung Hsi


  • Discussion about EclipseSQL project. Contains a lot of overlap with DTP -- perhaps we should suggest working together with them?
  • API Process Update: No objections or changes to last week's API process proposal, so we will proceed with it. See below for specific action items in this regard.
  • Reminder about this week's Requirements Council calls. PMC asks that any committers available attend the call.
  • Review of useful Bugzilla queries for DTP. We will use these (and others to be added) to facilitate tracking status going forward.
  • EclipseCon 2007 update: Tutorial submission window has closed (Nov 1), and we have three short tutorial proposals for the three allocated DTP tutorial slots.
    • Question: How can we make our plans for EclipseCon presentation more visible to encourage community input?
    • Answer: The EclipseCon Program Committee wants to use EclipseZilla as the review mechanism, so we should get our proposals in as soon as possible to allow for maximum review time. We can also post a link from the DTP site to the DTP track.

Action Items

  • Project Leads: Prepare for API reviews by November 15 (11/15). It is very important to meet this date, so we can have enough time for community review of API before DTP 1.0. Steps that each project lead needs to take:
    • Review the current ISV documentation plug-in, available in each nightly SDK build
    • Before 11/15, send a list of changes required to this plug-in for your project to John. These changes will be either additions to the classes/extension points contained in the documentation, or removal of classes/extension points contained in the documentation.
    • Make sure that all proposed API meet the requirements for provisional status. In particular, make sure that there will be unit tests and at least one exemplary client in DTP before DTP 1.0. Note that you do not have to complete the unit tests and clients before 11/15, but rather before the DTP 1.0 release.
    • On 11/15, the ISV plug-in will be rebuilt to contain only those classes/extension points that have been sent to John will be included. After the 15th, community feedback and PMC approval will be required to modify the plug-in set.
  • John: Add EclipseCon link to DTP site.
    • Update, 11/13: Done
  • John: Add future target milestone in DTP bugzilla
    • Update, 11/7: Done
  • John: Add query for bugs with no target milestone to Useful Queries page
    • Update, 11/7: Done

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