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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: November 13, 2006

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  • John Graham
  • Rob Cernich
  • Der-Ping Chou
  • Linda Chan
  • Brian Payton
  • Sheila Sholars


  • Hung Hsi


  • Reminder to get API lists in by Wed
  • All new DTP 1.0 plug-ins by RC0?
  • Need to review and update IP log
  • Should we package the recent Visual SQL Builder contribution?
  • Subprojects' status


  • (John covers the items listed above)
    • For items "new DTP 1.0 plug-ins" and "IP log" in the agenda, we agree to complete these by Friday (11/17)
    • For Visual SQL Query Builder item: Brian agrees to post to dtp-dev and newsgroup. John might blog based on this. Users will get code from CVS for now.
  • Connectivity:
    • API: Internal packages for non-API. (John) No, not strictly required.
    • API:Unit tests for UI classes? (John) Do as much as possible, perhaps look at SWT tests for examples.
    • DDL parser extension point? (John) Do not document for 1.0, create BZ entry to discuss.
  • Model Base:
    • Will send Rose model update for models
    • Unit tests for DB Definition pending
    • OMG Update: Adopting DTP for relational model. Working on additional documentation.
  • Connectivity UI has dependency on IDE plug-ins (BZ 162477). Rob will look into this.
  • General: Note that /home paths in CVS are now /cvsroot per Denis' email to committers last week.

Action Items

  • Project Leads: DTP 1.0 API set to John by Wed
  • Project Leads: Provide plug-in list to John and review IP log by Friday

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