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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: January 29, 2007

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  • John Graham
  • Hung Hsi
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Rob Cernich
  • Linda Chan
  • Brian Payton


  • Der-Ping Chou


  • DTP 1.5M5 specific tasks
    • Add VM level to manifest
    • Jar plug-ins where possible
  • Ramp-down policy for 1.5 milestones
  • "Discouraged" warning clean up
  • Individual project status


  • Need to add VM levels to manifest. Should do this for M5, and John offers to make these changes for all DTP plug-ins. An email to dtp-dev with this offer will be sent.
  • We will have milestone ramp-downs to ensure stability for downstream adopters and integration with new platform milestones as soon as possible. For M5, the schedule is:
    • 2/7 (W): All major changes in CVS
    • 2/9 (F): Eclipse 3.3M5 date
    • 2/12 (M): DTP 1.5M5 stable build, if all goes well with the 3.3M5 stack.
  • "Discouraged" warnings mean that internal code is being used. We should clean this up within DTP by setting the proper "friend" relationships, and outside DTP by (1) moving to API, (2) keeping, but documenting, use of internal code.

Action Items

  • Project leads: Project plans by 2/16.
  • Project leads: (On-going) Internal code usage review and mitigation.

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